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The sub-tropical climate of Fort Lauderdale produces the ideal conditions for algae, mold, and mildew growth. While these microorganisms are a natural and very necessary part of the environment, you don't want them to attack the exterior of your home. Winter is moist and wet in our area, so painting and waterproofing protect the house from the damage that moisture and algae can cause.

There are three important areas of your home that you want to protect and waterproof. While paint is a natural waterproofing substance for wood, there are other exterior materials that need protection.


Deck Sealing

If you have a deck or a wooden fence, it is the most vulnerable to the weather. Most homeowners don't realize that the deck has to be resealed every few years. This is the only way to protect the wood from natural decay, so make sure you seal the deck and fences of your property every five years or so according to the type of sealant used before. The better quality sealants last longer. Go with a good quality waterproofing sealant that doesn't have to be reapplied more regularly.

Paver Sealing

Those beautiful new pavers will fade and decay quicker if you don't keep them sealed. Just as the wood deck is vulnerable to the elements of nature, so are the concrete pavers of your patio or pool surround. Paver sealing protects the porous material of the concrete from moisture damage. It also keeps the color more vibrant for longer by avoiding UV light damage.

Similarly to deck sealing products, the better quality paver sealers last longer so they need fewer applications through the years. Have them sealed and waterproofed two years after installation and from then on according to the recommendations of the better quality sealant you applied.

Painting Exterior Wood Surfaces

It is highly important to keep the exterior wood surfaces of your home painted with a good quality primer and paint. Once the wood gets exposed to moisture or harsh sunlight over time, it can warp, peel, and flake off. This means the wood is getting soaked every time it's humid or raining and the problem only intensifies. Repaint or reseal all the wood surfaces on the exterior of your Fort Lauderdale home for long-lasting protection.

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